Cleaning up the mess

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15 augustus 2012 | BP’s $500 million effort to investigate the effects of the oil spill two years ago starts to take shape. 19 new research projects were awarded funds. $370 million are yet up for grabs from the 10-year initiative.

Two years ago, up to 4.9 billion barrels of oil were spilledinto the Gulf of Mexico following an explosion at BP’s DeepwaterHorizon platform. It took over four months to seal the well andseveral more to clean up sea, coasts and rivers. Following thiscatastrophe, BP allocated half a billion dollars to the Gulfof Mexico Research Initiative to study the impact of the spillon the environment.

Particular attention is paid to the physical distribution ofpetroleum, its evolution and degradation, environmental effects andtechnology developments to avoid a similar incident in the future.Majority of the chosen projects are set up at Americanuniversities. This round, the University of Copenhagen was selectedas the first institute from outside the U.S.

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