German UAS expands by 66%

Nieuws | de redactie
31 augustus 2012 | Within 11 years, the number of German students at Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) climbed by 66%. At the same time, 57 new institutes opened their doors. Education Minister Annette Schavan underlines the success of UAS research and promises further investments.

The German UAS sector has experienced significant growthaccording to recent numbers published by the German Ministry of Educationand Research. Between 1999 and 2010, the number of UAS studentsincreased from 411.000 to 684.000. In the meantime, 57 newinstitutes opened their doors, a growth of 37,5%.

In addition to that, the German UAS sector increasingly succeedsin realizing significant research efforts. “Universities of AppliedSciences employed €316 million for training and research between2006 and 2011. Their fruitful research efforts confirm my beliefthat we have to provide additional funds to this sector,” Schavancommented.

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