Germany doubled STEM graduate output

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17 augustus 2012 | “Bildungsmonitor 2012” investigated which German regions score best in education. Overall, the country has seen a massive increase in graduates of sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics. This will boost long-term economic growth by 0,35%.

The recent “Bildungsmonitor 2012” report determines which German regions havethe best education systems. The ranking is created by the employerlobby group “Initiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft” and paysparticular attention to economic issues such as employability andskills shortages.

The two first places in the ranking go to Saxonia and Thuringiain the east. They are followed by the two economic hubs in thesouth, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. Hamburg, Bremen andBrandenburg were the regions which managed to improve the mostcompared to last year.

STEM fosters long-term growth

“The greatest growth opportunities for the German educationsystem can be found where access to education is expanded to groupsin society that are subject to ‘Bildungsarmut’.” The latter refersto an individual lacking educational qualifications and skills.

A finding which stands out is the significant increase in STEM(Sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics) graduates. Theirnumbers have doubled between 2000 and 2010, which corresponds to168,000 people cumulatively. The report authors forecast that thiswill increase Germany’s long-term growth rate by 0,35%. 

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