Harvard takes gold

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16 augustus 2012 | Harvard University dominates the most recent Shanghai ranking. It ranks first for the 10th consecutive time. Newcomers are situated in Israel and Australia, while Europe’s share of top universities decreases from 34 to 31.

The Shanghai ranking is out. For ten years in a row, Harvard Universityremains the benchmark for all other universities worldwide. Also inthe individual disciplines Harvard takes the first place in everycategory except engineering (MIT), Mathematics (Princeton) andComputer Science (Stanford).

Australia and Israel could place new members in the top 100. Forthe first time Technion-Israel Institute of Technology(78th) and Weizmann Institute of Science(93rd) join the ranks of the top. The latter is home toDavid Harel, renowned computer scientist who recently talked to ScienceGuide about the pioneer AlanTuring.

Universities in Switzerland, France, Sweden compete withthe best

The United States placed 85 universities in the top 200. Next inline are the UK (19), Germany (14) and Japan (9). Europe’s overallshare of top 100 institutes decreased from 34 to 31 compared tolast year.

In continental Europe, ETH Zurich (23), University of Paris Sud(37) and the Swedish Karolinska Institute (42) compete with thebest. The latter has caught international attention in the pastgiven that it will merge with Stockholm University and the RoyalInstitute of Technology to pool €1 billion in research funds.

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