Effective ways to support new teachers

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10 september 2012 | Almost 10 % of all new teachers leaves the profession within 3 years. Kirsten Weatherby from OECD TALIS is not surprised. “Luckily there are many practices that schools and countries can put in place that might help new teachers stay teaching” she states.

New teachers face classrooms of students that are both excitingand overwhelming. However ten percent of the teachers drops out, anumber 150 percent higher than of other teachers. To understand newteachers needs might be the key to develop better support programsto preserve these young talents for the teaching profession.

The largest wish from new teachers is extra support in studentdiscipline and behavior problems. Only 1 in 8 more experiencedteachers expresses this same need.. Lightening the teaching load,providing feedback from mentoring programs and offeringprofessional development around classroom management seem to beareas readily available to improve new teachers’ self-efficacy andhelp boost their success.

Here Kristen Weatherby’s Blog on the TALISresearch findings

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