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20 september 2012 | The number of foreign graduates in Germany has risen steeply with 8% in 2011 compared to 2010. Chinese students form the largest group, followed by Turkish and Russian graduates. But the labour market finds it difficult to tap in.

In its extensive ‘Prüfungen an Hochschulen‘ the German Federal Statistical Officeshowed the most recent figures on foreign students in Germany. In2011 a total of 39.300 foreign students graduated in Germany. Byfar most of them, 79 per cent of the total, lives only in Germanyduring their higher education. The other 21% have also obtainedtheir high school diploma in Germany.

The biggest group of foreign students consists of Chinese (13%)followed by Turkish- (7%) and Russian students (5%). Many of thosewith a Turkish passport are so-called ‘Bildingsinländer’ becausethey have also attended high school in Germany.

Foreign students Germany

Talents stay on the move

Although the number of foreign graduates rises, many of thesehigh qualified professionals have a hard time finding a job inGermany afterwards. At least three out of four doctoral andmaster’s students from non-EU countries, would like to stay inGermany after graduation and work in the country. However onlyabout a quarter of them succeeds.

The study ‘Mobile Talente?‘ published earlier this year showed that inGermany nearly 80% of would-be masters would like to remain in thecountry. However, due to lacking knowledge about the legal aspects,labour market restrictions and perceived discrimination, only asmall part of those foreign talents actually stay after theirstudies. 

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