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9 oktober 2012 | Het gaat vooruit met vrouwen in HO-topposities, “maar met een slakkengangetje.” Pauline van der Meer Mohr (EUR)ontdekte dat niet alleen het glazen plafond, maar zeker ook prof. Alice Eagly’s “glazen labyrinth” dagelijkse werkelijkheid is. Wat te doen?

In haar blog-rubriek bij de Erasmus Universiteit schrijft decollegevoorzitter over het aanstaande eredoctoraat voor Alice Eaglyen de vervolgrapportage van Talent to the Top. De vooruitgang valthaar niet mee.

“It’s been a while since I blogged about diversity, but therehave been some recent developments that I think are worthwhile tomention here. First of all, I am very happy that Erasmus Universitywill be honouring prof Alice Eagly with a honourary docatorate onthe occasion of our upcoming Dies Natalis. If you would like tofamiliarise yourself with her work, follow this link:

Afslagen onderweg in labyrinth

Alice Eagly’s notion of the Glass Labyrinth – as opposed to aglass ceiling – is very helpful in seeing how there are variousoff-ramps along the way of a typical career, and how women oftenmake choices that do not point towards the top of a corporatepyramid. This notion of early career choices – without awareness ofthe consequences for career progression down the line – isconsistent with the analysis done by a team of EUR researchers whohave looked at career progression patterns among academicstaff. 

Interestingly, they found that women in early career stagesoften do not focus relentlessly enough on research and thereforelag behind their male peers in research output by the time they areup for promotion to the level of professor. This may be one of themost important contributing factors to our lack of diversity at thetop academic levels.

Anders denken

Yesterday, the monitoring committee Talent to the Top (of whichI am a member) offered its annual report to minister Marja vanBijsterveldt. Main conclusion: yes we are making progress, but at asnail’s pace.

And this applies to all Charter signatories, not justuniversities. So it really is time to think of different, morecreative ways of tackling the issue of the glass labyrinth.”

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