Wijnand Helfrich Honorary Professor in China

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4 oktober 2012 | The efforts of Groningen University to enhance its international profile are paying off. Groningen’s collaboration with the Chinese Harbin Medical University resulted in successful publications on cancer research, and two Professorships.

Wijnand Helfrich, cancer researcher in Groningen, was appointedHonorary Professor at the Harbin Medical University due to hiscontribution to cancer research at this prestigious university innorthern China. Edwin Bremer was appointed Visiting Professor.These appointments are the concrete result of the successful focuson internationalization at Groningen University and its MedicalCentre.

‘Must Read of the Month’

Helfrich and Bremer join a group at Harbin that researches newforms of immunotherapy to treat cancer. Their acclaimed research onthis topic was published by ‘Clinical Cancer Research’ and wasdeclared ‘Must Read of the Month’ by the American Association forCancer Research

It is clear that there is great potential in this collaborationbetween Harbin and Groningen. Harbin has an excellent track recordon research and rises fast on the international rankings. ProfessorYin Zhou, Dean of the Medical Faculty, is renowned for hisdiscovery of the healing capacities of arsenic trioxide forleukemia. Last year he was appointed Honorary Professor inGroningen.

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