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25 februari 2013 | The English level of Finnish students is improving steadily, research from Cambridge shows. This is an important development, since many international students leave Finland prematurely because of the Finnish language. English classes for students and teachers could solve this bottleneck.

The Study, carried out by Cambridge, looked at 43 Finnish institutes that offer English-medium degree courses. New figures from a department of Cambridge University show an increasing number of universities in Finland are ensuring students have the right levels of English language ability.

The number of organizations that accept high-level Cambridge English Advanced exam as a minimum entry for English courses increased with 15 in the last year to a total of 36. The figures come at a time when Cambridge English Advanced was added to the official admissions system for Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland.

Lessons for both students and staff

Nicola Johnson from Cambridge states: “This is really encouraging as Finland is becoming an increasingly important destination for English medium degrees. It’s now the top overseas study destination for Russian students and is increasingly popular with students from other parts of the world. Students who pass Cambridge English Advanced have shown they can use and understand English to a really high level which gives them a competitive advantage when they take up their place at university.”

The JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä recently piloted a program designed to improve English language ability in their university. Pirkko Pollari led the project that offered English courses to both students and staff.

She explained: “We want to give students and staff the chance to take an internationally recognized Cambridge English exam. So far a small number of our staff has taken the test and we’ll soon be opening up this opportunity more widely in the university.”

Why not try a sample question from the Cambridge English Advanced exam?

For each question below, think of ONE word which can be used appropriately in all three sentences.


I can’t see the…..of all this paperwork, can you?

I was so frustrated that I was on the……. of giving up, but my piano teacher persuaded me to keep on practicing.

Now, let’s move on to the final…….for discussion at this meeting.


I think it’s …….to say that not everyone in the boardroom agreed with the decision about the site of the new factory.

Rita complained that it was not……that she had a smaller company car than her colleagues.

My husband looks nothing like his brothers and sisters because he is so……


The workers at the car factory are at present……..in negotiations to improve their position.

As the business expanded and more staff were required, the company…..  the services of a recruitment agency.

When my brother and his new girlfriend announced that they were……it took the whole family by surprise.  


The instructions were written in such a complicated way that Joe had to spend a long time…….out how to set up the printer.

First results indicated that the new drug was……..and had no side effects.

John was annoyed to find the drinks machine was not…….yet again.


Lisa is in…….while I’m away from the office, OK?

They’ve introduced a small…….for parking outside the station.

The protestors moved back quickly in reaction to a sudden……..by the police.


1. Point

2. Fair

3. Engaged

4. Working

5. Charge

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