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14 februari 2013 | Not many neurosurgeons write software as a hobby. Dr. Pieter Kubben does, and what is more: his apps are widely downloaded and delivered him a top ten listing at the website Internet Medicine.

Kubben develops apps to tackle the problem of the exploding volume of scientific research. “The volume of knowledge is increasing at a much higher speed than our capacity to deal with this knowledge”, he stated at a TEDx talk.

Decision support system

“The main limitation of evidence based practice is time. What we need is a system of bringing down the huge pile of information to a patients specific situation. Therefore we need standardization. We need a shift from the medical knowledge to decision support systems.”

Kubben’s apps do exactly that. Since 2009 he has been developing several mobile apps for smartphones and applications specifically targeted on neurosurgeons. Neuromind now is the number 1 app in this field.

Those who want to keep following the dynamic Maastricht doctor can check his blog.

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