On the Agenda – Week 12, 2013

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22 maart 2013 | The Indian president calls for a “culture of excellence” in higher education and the EU opens up access to scientific research. Also, on this week’s agenda, the most detailed picture ever of the early universe.

Take 1 – India

@indiaedu_ news: President Pranab Mukherjee called for concrete steps to create a “culture of excellence” in Higher Education in India

@Forbes_India: India’s Education Challenge: Designing for Scale or Swell

@IIEglobal: By 2020 India projected to become the ‘youngest’ nation. Outlook on its demographic for education

Take 2 – EU

@NeelieKroesEU: We’re definitely entering the era of open science, and better off for it

@SeanKellyMEP: Parliament vote against MFF prompts new round of lobbying on Horizon2020

@EU_Commission:  Education budgets under pressure in Member States

Take 3 – R&D

@PaulMbaker: US Senate votes to defund political science research, save tuition assistance in budget bill

@UniofOxford: Protection from leading malaria vaccine declines over time in young children

@naturenews: BREAKING: Here’s the most detailed picture EVER of the early universe

…and this week on ScienceGuideEU

@ScienceGuideEU: Rebecca Mieliwocki: “Civil disobedience from teachers

@ScienceGuideEU: New Zealand: frontrunner or failure?

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