Which university will make you rich?

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5 maart 2013 | At which university in the world would you have to study if you want to become a multi-millionaire? It may not be a surprise that Harvard tops that almost completely American ranking. But what is the secret of the University of Mumbai?

Wealth-X investigated the HE-alumni with more than 30 million dollar on the bank and investigated where they studied. Over 85 percent of these multi-millionaires studied in the US with Harvard as the number one Alma Mater of the extremely wealthy.

Harvard tops the table with largest population of wealthy alumni and the highest Total Net Worth of its alumni. In total 52 billionaires went to Harvard, but the honor of highest average goes to MIT.

Gates, Zuckerberg and Romney

Notable is that – only – three American public universities are on the list, with the University of Virginia ranked highest, followed by Berkeley and Michigan. In the top 20 three other public universities can be found: Oxford, Mumbai and Cambridge.

Most self-made millionaires can be found among the alumni of the University of Virginia (78%). The University of Mumbai is the one with most inherited wealth (27%).

Commenting on the report, David. S Friedman, Wealth-X President, noted “American universities dominate the rankings largely because these prestigious institutions have been able to attract global talent. As the report shows, most of the wealthy alumni have self-made fortunes, underscoring how these institutions have served as a launching pads for many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and companies.”

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