Denmark too international?

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8 april 2013 | Danish universities have to pay a fine of 13 million Euro for accepting more foreign exchange students than they have sent abroad. Minister of Education Østergaard is “considering if this is the right way to achieve our goals”.

Aarhus University is among the most heavily fined, it has to pay more than 1.3 million Euro for having too many foreign students on its campus. The fines stem from the universities having broken regulations that state that the number of incoming foreign students must equal the number of Danish students that go to foreign universities. 

Self-defeating policy

“The goal is to get more Danish students to go out on foreign exchange”, the minister of higher education, Morten Østergaard said. Kristian Thorn, from Aarhus University, said that the punishment is self-defeating. “It is very inexpedient that we are being punished for attracting students from abroad when the national ambition is to make Danish universities more international,” Thorn stated. “Foreign students add great value to our universities and to the study environment.”  

Emilie Normann, head of international affairs at Aalborg University, agrees with Thorn. “It is important to accept international students,” she said. “It is very frustrating that we must now limit the number we can admit because there has to be a balance.” The government is reconsidering the regulations. Minister Østergaard: “I’m currently considering if this is the right way to achieve our goals”.

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