On the Agenda – Week 25, 2013

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21 juni 2013 | European Research Universities want Erasmus programme to reshift focus. Open access journal PLOSONE uses thousands of birdwatchers to study migration. And young people make all the difference: 16-year-old girl made algae biofuel even more sustainable.

Take 1 – Nature

@PLOSONE Crowd sourced bird observation show that grebes now prefer California over the northern Pacific coast.

@NWF Agricultural pesticides linked to widespread invertebrate biodiversity loss.

@topsciencenews Scientists date prehistoric bacterial invasion still present in today’s plant and animal cells

Take 2 – EU

@QS_pressoffice KU Leuven sees new horizons for Erasmus exchange programme.

@EARTOBrussels Agreement on Horizon2020 in sight after late night deal on EU budget

@DennisAbbott European Commission publishes report on improving the quality of teaching

Take 3 – Social Media

@jwordsmith blogging and Skyping taught in Grade 1 in Windsor, Ontario

@USNewsEducation Raising funds for college requires marketing and social media savvy. How to do that? Try crowdfunding to pay for school

@Edudemic How do students really benefit from using social media?

…and this week on ScienceGuideEU

@ScienceGuideEU: A 16-year-old girl made algae biofuel even more sustainable. “If you use my processes, you don’t need any chemicals.”

@ScienceGuideEU: Knowmad Society wants to reinvent education: Schools shape society, so how do we teach purposively for social change?

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