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30 juli 2013 | What happens in your laboratory stays in your laboratory. Or doesn't it? Scientists around the globe share their funniest, strangest and most humiliating experiences under the hashtag #sciconfessions. ScienceGuide collected the best tweets.

@edyong209: The decontamination bin once ran out of space because I had four radioactive labcoats in it

@JellyCat23: Be very careful with surgical super glue. It’s easier than you think to attach a mouse to yourself.

@knottedthreats: In school, I earned the moniker Firewoman and am now known as the Slayer of Centrifuges.

@rpg7twit: I cured cancer once. But the third reviewer trashed my manuscript. 

@drisis: I used the eng shop late at night to help a friend fashion a bong out of supplies from his lab


@Cascade21: I’ve tasted LB broth. I wouldn’t give my bugs anything I haven’t approved for them!

@DR_Whatson: In winter I’ve run unnecessary simulations using all cores in my desktop to warm the room up

@ProfLikeSubst: I have eaten an organism I couldn’t ID just to get rid of it

@RaulPacheco: In fact I learned how to measure pollutant load in wastewater by smelling through repeated exposure 🙂

@NoahFierer I have changed ‘color’ to ‘colour’ and ‘liter’ to ‘litre’ on reviews so authors thought I was British


Tea??!? RT @StrangeSource: One time, I drank tea in the lab even though you’re not supposed to. #livingontheedge

@deborahblum: I set my hair on fire in a Bunsen burner. “Do you smell smoke?” asked my lab partner.

@Primate_Girl: I get really annoyed when the centrifuge isn’t balanced on shows like CSI

@LalSox: I didn’t realize there were options other than mouth-pipetting until my senior year in college.

@DanGraur: The worst letter from an editor: “Unfortunately, I must accept the paper for publication because three reviewers said so.”


@davidmanly I let an undergrad feed my specimens for one weekend, came back and 12 frogs escaped and one turned cannibal

@AzMNH: I once pulled the cord on the emergency shower in the lab just to see if the posted 50gpm was a real thing. It was

@mitsurugi52: I snackrificed other grad students when the mosquito colonies wouldn’t eat the lab-made bloodmeals.

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