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15 juli 2013 | Teach First has become the biggest recruiter of graduates in the UK. The initiative that recruits talented academics to teach in disadvantaged schools overtook traditional big recruiters, a survey of major British employers showed.

Teach First has overtaken big traditional recruiters in civil service, consultancy and finance. Teach First has in its eleventh year of existence recruited 1261 graduates, slightly more than the number 2, PwC (1200). These figures are from High Fliers, based on a survey of 100 major British employers.

Don´t let social-economic status determine a child’s success

Teach first is a program that aims at connecting the biggest brains of the country with the most challenging schools in England’s Cities. The program focuses on a mix of talent management and social innovation. The main philosophy is that a child’s success should not be determined by his social-economic status.

Since the creation of Teach First in 2002, thousands of young graduates from top university were recruited to work in the most challenging schools and neighborhoods of the UK. After finishing the program around fifty percent of all participants continue their career as a teacher.

During the last decade the program has expanded steadily across England and Wales and aims to recruit over 2000 graduates a year from 2015 and on. “It’s a remarkable achievement that Teach First has hired so many top graduates this year, overtaking recruitment at long-established graduate employers,” says Martin Birchall, from High Fliers Research.

Top 10 British graduate recruiters in 2013

  • Teach First – 1,261
  • PwC – 1,220
  • Deloitte – 1,200
  • Civil Service Fast Stream – 750
  • Army – 700
  • Ernst & Young – 690
  • KPMG – 520
  • Accenture – 390
  • JP Morgan – 350
  • IBM – 350

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