British HE overpriced?

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12 augustus 2013 | British universities are about to become very expensive for students from outside the EU. They will be charged up to four times the fee of UK students, a survey suggests. Some undergraduates have to pay £35,000 per year, in contrast to a maximum of £9,000 paid by British and EU students.

The Complete University Guide asked 110 universities across the United Kingdom how high the tuition fees will be in the coming academic year. The maximum fees for British and European students tripled last year to a maximum of £9,000. More than half of the universities now charge maximum tuition.

Oxford expensive for all

The new figures show that the fees for students from outside the EU are a lot higher and more diverse. The cheapest fees start at £7,450 and rise to £35,000 for undergraduate medical degrees in for example King’s College London. These high fees result in dropping numbers of foreign students.

There is an equally large difference in fees for master’s degrees. Fees range from £2,000 to £27,500 a year for home and EU students but postgraduate students from outside the EU will pay fees ranging from £7,900 to the £38,500 charged to postgraduate medical students at Queen Mary University London. Stiff on top of the list of most expensive universities is Oxford, the prestigious university charges £41,000 for an MBA, but doesn’t make a distinction between national and foreign students.

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