Germany reflects on discrimination

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13 augustus 2013 | Discrimination in school and universities costs Germany dearly. A report by the National Antidiscrimination Bureau paints a gloomy picture: problems in school lead to underperformance in the work place.

If you’re different, you will have a hard time in Germany’s schools, universities and work places. Immigrant-, handicapped- and homosexual children often suffer from discrimination.

One in four children with foreign roots feels discriminated and schoolchildren from Turkish or Arab backgrounds are often called names. Students carrying a Turkish name or from disadvantaged background can expect to get lower marks from the teacher.

Also handicapped children encounter many problems during education and homosexuals often face abuse.

Every school a complaints office

This experience during education has a negative impact on the success and work motivation in later life. A negative attitude against immigrants, handicapped and homosexuals. Christine Lüders, director of the bureau, says: “Germany cannot afford this inequity in education.”

Based on extensive research, the National Antidiscrimination Bureau gives a number of suggestions to schools and universities. Each school should install a complaints office, so that problems can be tackled swiftly. Also the German States should incorporate antidiscrimination in their Education Laws.

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