On the Agenda – Week 37, 2013

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13 september 2013 | What you can make from stem-cells: an ‘organoid’ resembling a brain; a messy desk does indeed increase your creativity and India now also welcomes foreign university campuses. And... is Australia's Tony Abbott really making the country 'anti-science'?

Take 1 – Stem cells

@AlanMJordan: Stem-cell biologists have grown an ‘organoid’ that resembles a brain.

@HuffPostPol: Putting stem-cells into a mouse in stead of a petri dish gives promising results.

@NatureNews: Controversial – government sponsored – stem-cell therapy is banned in Italy.

Take 2 – Creativity

@MCCOUNL: Good news for sloppy characters: a messy environment does indeed spur creativity, new research shows.

@EconBizFin : why excessive collaboration can lead to exactly the opposite of creativity.

@MP_Innovation: Problem finders are better creatives than problem solvers.

Take 3 – Developing Countries

@uniworldnews: The Indian Education Ministry now allows foreign universities to set up campuses and offer degrees.

@PaulMBaker: In Brazil the fusion of two major educational institutions will constitute the largest HE group in the world, with a market value of around $ 6 billion

@uniworldnews: In South-Africa the number of applicants for universities exceed the number of spaces with hundreds of thousands.

…and this week on ScienceGuideEU

@ScienceGuideEU: Barely elected, the new Abbott-government in Australia is already baptized ‘anti-science’.

@ScienceGuideEU: ESU investigated what students themselves call quality in education.

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