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10 september 2013 | The QS University Ranking of 2013 puts universities from the USA and UK at the top of its list. MIT and Harvard rank first and second. On the 12th place ETH Zürich is the first university not situated in the two traditionally top ranking countries.

For the first time the QS University Ranking is conducted without coöperation with Times Higher Education. Last year THE announced that it wanted to create a new ranking with different parameters than the one it always published in coöperation with QS. This year, QS launches its ranking a month before THE will publish theirs.

Swiss and Dutch

The QS University Ranking is still based on the reputation universities have according to 46.000 researchers in the world, combined with scores based on indicators such as student teacher ratio. Following these scores Oxford, Harvard and MIT are in lead, followed by universities like Imperial College Londen, Stanford and Yale.

The Swiss universities in Zürich (12) and Lausanne (19) as well as the University of Toronto (17) are the first universities that are not from either the UK of the USA, while the National University of Singapore (24) is the first Asian university in the list.

The Dutch universities do again remarkably well. 2 more are now among the top 100 HE-institutes, making the total amount 6 of the 13 universities. 6 of the other 7 rank among the top 200 as well, with the result that almost the whole system of research universities  in the Netherlands is ranked in the highest echelons of higher education worldwide.

The complete Ranking can be found here


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