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10 oktober 2013 | The research university associations of China, the US, Australia and Europe today present a joint ‘constitution’ for research universities, including a shared definition. Is this intensified cooperation the first step towards a ‘Global Council of Research Universities’?

This joint statement intensifies the cooperation between the world’s leading universities like Harvard, Nanjing and Cambridge. “Research universities can work together across borders and across oceans to make far-reaching contributions to problem solving and innovation around the world,” said Professor Hunter Rawlings, President of the Association of American Universities (AAU).

First step towards a global council?

 “Research universities are defined by their serious and pervasive commitment to research; the excellence, breadth and volume of their research outputs; and learning to their engagement with business, government and broader community,” the four associations write in their joint statement.

This joint statement might only be the first step of a deepened relationship between the world’s research universities. “We will explore expanded future collaborations among our students, scholars and researchers,” said Professor Bernd Huber, Chair of the European association, LERU. “We will pursue the possibilities for joint work addressing global research issues, including structured dialogue with the recently formed Global Research Council, perhaps through the formation of a Global Council of Research Universities.”

The complete document can be downloaded here

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