On the agenda, week 47 – 2013

Nieuws | de redactie
22 november 2013 | A classical case of history book rewriting in Russia, the amazing variety of sea slugs and a gamma ray 3.7 billion light years on turned out really monstrous. Plus… Peter 'singularity' Diamandis paints an abundant picture for the future.

Take 1 – Russia

@theobhe: Russia’s biggest private university now opens Dubai campus too.

@JohnsonRussiaLi: Rewriting history Sovjet-style is Putin’s newest tactic, erasing 20  ‘difficult questions’ from the pages of schoolbooks.

@paulpachego: How twitter and facebook challenge the Russian State is investigated by Stephen White.

Take 2 – Space

@richardbranson: If you don’t know what to spend to bitcoins on, you can spend it on a ticket to space.

@guardian: ‘Monster gamma ray’ – 3.7 bn light years away – sets record for death of star.

@Nasa: Smartphones in space! PhoneSat launched on Nov 19 to test this next generation nanosatellite’s capabilities.

Take 3 – Animals

@Eurogentec: Discover the amazing diversity in the world of sea slugs.

@UnivNEWS: Universities kill more than a million animals in scientific testing in one year alone.

@livingarchitect: Meet the he circus animals that helped Britain during WW1.

…and this week on ScienceGuideEU

@ScienceGuideEU: The world heads towards an abundance of technology & energy, says Peter Diamandis. However, it might be a bumpy ride

@ScienceGuideEU: Complex models for the prediction of sea-levels. Scientists of eScienceCenter awarded in Denver.


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