Don’t dare to share!

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9 december 2013 | Are scientists allowed to publish papers on their own website? Elsevier Publishers thinks not and takes on bold academics who dare to share their work with colleagues.

Be careful not to open up your findings on the internet, or Elsevier Publishers might come after you! Several academics ran into problems since Elsevier is of the opinion that you can infringe on copyright by sharing your own work. The platform was forced to take down for instance the research by bioinformatician Guy Leonard in the field of comparative genomics.

Some Twitter-thoughts on Elsevier’s latest move:

@raulpacheco: Fellow academics: signing a petition to protest Elsevier does nothing. NOT submitting articles nor peer reviewing for Elsevier does, though.

@WolfgangReschka: Trying to imitate the film industry? Elsevier is taking down papers from 

@RLUK_David: If you’re not happy with the Elsevier take down notices remember that the @costofknowledge boycott is still live 


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