Davos goes MOOC

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23 januari 2014 | As the global elite gathers in Davos’ WEF, a new feature there shows the impact of open education. The launch of ‘Forum Academy’, an online learning platform with edX, is meant to boost leadership development.

The initiators in Davos, the World Economic Forum itself and edX, want to catalyse an online global learning environment for continuous and certified professional development. As prof Klaus Schwab, founder and chief of the WEF, says: “The reshaping of our world requires professionals to develop a transformational mindset and constantly update their knowledge. However, this knowledge is becoming increasingly difficult to attain through traditional means, precisely due to the growing complexity, velocity and uncertainty in the world.”

Curriculum and certification

The new Forum Academy has the ambition to create a world-class curriculum, providing cutting-edge global, regional and sectorial knowledge and to establish a network of academic and other members to develop standards, best practices and joint certification models. This last issue, combined with the need to develop recognitions of such certifications, is already debated intensely at European level. The recent seminar of ECA and NVAO in The Hague gave topical proof of that.

President of edX, Anant Agarwal, announced: “We are happy to provide the Forum Academy with the cutting-edge educational tools needed to create courses that will enable leaders – of today and tomorrow – to transform their communities, countries and regions.”

Forum Academy will help to address the need for yearly certified updates on the latest professional developments, leveraging the Forum’s worldwide multistakeholder network of the best and most relevant knowledge providers. The professional leadership courses will focus on specific global issues and industries. It will also focus on regional developments and provide updates related to professional and technological issues. 

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