On the Agenda – Week 07, 2014

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21 februari 2014 | Does the profession of parents have an impact on student performance? Also in this week’s ‘On the agenda': shy Open Access should be a key issue for university leaders and snow days do not impact student learning.

Take 1 – Student Performance

@SchleicherEDU: Do parents’ occupations have an impact on student performance? 

@VibeVal: fact is countries with strongest student performance also have strongest teachers’ unions like Japan & Finland

@Westwood_JrSrHS: SOME CONSOLATION! Harvard Kennedy School Study Examines the Impact of Snow Days on student performance

Take 2 – Open Access

@VCSalford: Why open access should be a key issue for university leaders

@verge: ‘Science’ publisher launching free-to-read journal, Science Advances

@jz_MDC: Elsevier’s new ideas on text mining: explained and criticized by Egon Willighagen

Take 3 – Research

@NatureNews: Cosmic mismatch hints at the existence of a ‘sterile’ neutrino

@maxplanckpress: Knights of Graphene!: A. Geim & K. Novoselov awarded Freedom of City of Manchester

@googleresearch: Learn about the launch of Global Forest Watch, an online forest monitoring system launched today

…and this week on ScienceGuideEU

@ScienceGuideEU: Swiss Academia fears “EU’s mini-guillotine” that freezes Horizon2020 and Erasmus+ after the immigration referendum

@ScienceGuideEU: The terms ‘green’ and ‘gold’ only obscure the Open Access debate, says Cameron Neylon of PLOS. Instead the focus should be: ‘how open is it?

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