On the Agenda – Week 08, 2014

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28 februari 2014 | Ninety-eight percent of the teachers say that teaching is more than a profession, is it about making a change in the world or is it an Orwellian dystopia? Also in this week’s ‘on the agenda: Is it morally wrong to give money to Harvard?

Take 1 – Teaching and Schools

@_ericlarson: Coding the Curriculum: How High Schools Are Reprogramming Their Classes

@GuardianEducation: The teaching profession: an Orwellian dystopia?

@GatesFoundation: FACT: 98% of teachers say teaching is more than a profession. More data here

Take 2 – Space

@bigthink: Exactly how big is the universe?

@NASAKepler discovers 715 new planets orbiting 305 stars in multi-planet solar systems

@SRKUniverse: NASA launched the satellite that Shah Rukh Khan’s character was working on in the movie Swades launched today after 10 year

Take 3 – Elites

@Yojanasharma: Shoring up elites – Is it morally wrong to give money to Harvard?

@LSEpoliticsblog: Narcissistic elites are undermining the institutions created to promote public interest

@Bdutt: The class and cultural divide that has kept India’s elites at a safe distance from change is about to come crashing down.

…and this week on ScienceGuideEU

@ScienceGuideEU: Plos One gets even more open, all data should be accessible. “Without access to data, articles are of limited use.”

@ScienceGuideEU: PISA will expand into Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. Governments feel proud to participate, the OECD observes

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