On the Agenda – Week 09, 2014

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7 maart 2014 | “MOOCs promise free education for all, the reality is that the well-educated elite tweaks their qualifications." Also in this week’s ‘on the agenda: Ana Maiques, CEO of Neuroelectrics and winner of the European Women Innovators’ Award writes about her experiences as a woman in tech.

Take 1 – MOOCS

@THEworldunirank: Creative disrupters are welcome! Reputation Rankings 2014 analysis

@GuardianEDU: MOOCs: “The promise: free education for all. The reality: the well-educated elite tweak their qualifications”

@DrEducationBlog: Data on worldwide reach of MITx and HARVARDx MOOCs. Potential for access and continuing

Take 2 – International Women’s Day

@NeelieKroesEU: Congratulations @Ana_maiques on European Women Innovators’ Award! See her blog

@AtheneDonald: On International Women’s Day, do we know what academic success looks like?

@OECD: What’s the difference? Try our International Women’s Day quiz and find out!

Take 3 – Mental Illnesses in Academia

@lalalinder: “There is a culture of acceptance around mental health issues in academia”

@UCU: How to tackle stress in Higher Education?

@mwproject: Whose responsibility really is student mental health?

…and this week on ScienceGuideEU

@ScienceGuideEU: How OPEN are MOOCs really? EdX blocks courses for students from ‘state sponsors of terrorims’

@ScienceGuideEU: The EU-Russia Year of Science 2014 could not be timed worse. What will come of all its fine intentions? 

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