On the Agenda – Week 15, 2014

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14 april 2014 | Research shows, British student will be repaying loans into their 50’s. Also in this week’s On the Agenda: best practices around MOOCs, why poor countries don’t invest in R&D and the latest glimpses of innovation at the Hannover Messe.

Take 1 – Students

@GuardianEduUniversity students will be repaying loans into their 50s, say researchers

@AnnaChristinaPrts – Experiences and best practices in and around #MOOCs

@PauloMoekotte – How powerful can schools and teachers be in motivating and engaging students?

@ICEFmonitor – Pakistan’s inability to meet the increasing demand for higher education fuels the need for #educationabroad

Take 2 – Technology

@IEAPoor air quality is a problem in many cities: this device sheds some light on #carbon emissions from diesel engines

@maxplanckpress – Stuart Parkin from @AvHStiftung, awarded prestigious Millennium technology prize

@theobhe – Why Don’t Poor Countries Do R&D? Policy Research Working Papers

Take 3 – Hannover Messe

@FraunhoverIWS – Suspension Thermal Spraying – a novel procedure enters industrial operation

@PhoenixContactUNews from Day 3 at the Hannover Messe. Innovations for automation technology & #SurgeProtection

@Hannover_messe – The taurob tracker, the first mobile robot for fire departments, transmits data from danger zones

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