On the Agenda – Week 16, 2014

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25 april 2014 | People around the globe are hungry for good resources on blended learning, education that combines technology with tradition. Also in this week’s ‘on the agenda’: World Malaria Day and a pair of supermassive black holes spotted in a cosmic tango.

Take 1 – Blended Learning

@michaelbhorn: I’ve been struck by how hungry people around the globe are for good resources on blended learning

@arneduncan: blended learning empowers teachers and engages students in important way

@mrmatera: Great slide from @wismerkurt about the difference between flipped and blended learning

Take 2 – Space

@maxplanckpress: Pair of supermassive black holes spotted in cosmic tango

@PLOSONE: Space Radiation Remains Major Hazard for Humans Going to Mars

@mims: Which is more likely, fusion or space-based solar?

Take 3 – World Malaria Day

@BioMedCentral: the big push towards eliminating a killer

@SciDevNet: Thai scientists are fighting a malaria parasite that’s drug resistant

@wellbeingafrica: Each $1 invested in malaria control in Africa, on average, returns $40 in higher economic growth

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