On the agenda – Week 19, 2014

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16 mei 2014 | Why do an apprenticeship? “They are a debt-free route to a top quality degree,” says Julia King, vice-chancellor of Aston University. Also in this week’s ‘on the agenda’: Can Indonesia become a research, development and innovation hub?

Take 1 – Apprenticeships

@gdnhighered: Why higher apprenticeships? They’re a debt-free route to a top quality degree

@Education_AIR: Florida’s Educational Data Shows Not All Apprenticeships Are Equal

@DennisAbbott: A successful first step towards European partnerships on Apprenticeships

Take 2 – Asia

@QS_pressoffice: Singapore and Korea Take the Lead in 2014 QS University Rankings: Asia

@Beerkens: “Can Indonesia become a research, development and innovation hub in Southeast Asia?”

@Bernd_Fesel: Taiwan sets up Dutch Design Hub as part of internationalization of creative industries

Take 3 – Cross Border Education

 @theobhe: Brazilians locked in as Science Without Borders begins to fade

@AnthropolisCult: The story of an unlikely branch campus in Cyprus and higher education on a divided island

@ProfJasonLane: What do Branch Campuses look like when they grow up?

…and this week on ScienceGuideEU

@ScienceGuideEU: Leiden University developed educational toolkit, Universe in a Box, to educate & fascinate children around the world

@ScienceGuideEU:  Stop the Pisa Shock. Professors are concerned about policy implications of PISA and wrote a letter to OECD’s Andreas Schleicher

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