On the agenda – Week 21, 2014

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6 juni 2014 | Coursera restores MOOC access to students in Iran; and American students might be able to refinance their student loans. Also in this week’s ‘on the agenda’: There is a party in deep space and Hubble’s got the photos.

Take 1 – MOOCs

@GlobalChronicle: Coursera restores access to students in Iran

@KevinCorbett: Online Smithsonian Courses Show MOOC Market May Be a Moving Target

@Mndarijntje: A student’s view: Lessons in Online Learning

Take 2 – Student Loan

@RensvanTilburg: Since 1999 US student debt has increased 500 percent while average salaries for young people decreased by 10 percent

@amprog: “Student loan debt has been the driving force of my decisions for the last eight years of my life”

@Marketplace: You can refinance a car, a house, or a boat but not a student loan. That might be changing

Take 3 – Space

@MIT: Scientists discover “Mega-Earth

@EENNORTHEAST: Apollo moon rocks hint at other planet that hit young earth

@NASA: There’s a party in deep space and Hubble’s got the photos to prove it

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