On the agenda – Week 28, 2014

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11 juli 2014 | Why do Europe’s universities need ‘stress testing’ even more than the banking sector? Also in this week’s ‘On the Agenda’: non-space breakthroughs that can enable future space missions, and the slow death of Turkish higher education.

Take 1 – Higher Education

@ieducator: The 29-year-old who is a force in reforming higher education in Ukraine

@TheObhe: The slow death of Turkish higher education

@HillolNag: Higher education internationalization – What gets measured, gets funded

Take 2 – Finance

@TheObhe: Why Europe’s Universities Need ‘Stress Testing’ Even More Than the Banking Sector

@_TimMichael_: Political Calculations – The Ongoing Inflation of the Higher Education Bubble

@CivicaGlobal: Combat higher education costs with creativity

Take 3 – Space

@InnovationUnion: New report flags up non-space breakthroughs that could enable future space missions

@ESAScience: Bizarre nearby blast mimics Universe’s most ancient stars – latest from ESA’s XMM-Newton

@LivingArchitect: Russia test launches first new space rocket since Soviet era

 …and on ScienceGuideEU

@ScienceGuideEU:  LERU stimulates universities to develop philanthropy. It can’t replace public funding, but helps to remain ambitious

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