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10 juli 2014 | De academische wereld heeft veel weg van de taxibranche. Dat vertelt Steven den Boer, de social media editor van de Radboud Universiteit. Wat de taxiwereld overkomt met de app Uber staat het WO ook te wachten, als men niet oplet.

U leest zijn opiniestuk over het universitaire Uber hieronder. 

What universities can learn from Uber

The taxi world didn’t see it coming. But suddenly there it was: an online platform that replaced an office, a planner and other overhead expenses. This app called Uber makes taxi fares cheaper and causes a complete restructuring of the taxi industry as it existed for decades.

Universities are looking at MOOC’s the same way like taxi drivers look at Uber: what’s this weird thing that some of us started to use but still feels kinda scary? What Uber does best, is focusing on the core business of a taxi and improving it. Customers not only get picked up faster but actually know where the taxi driver is and how long it will take. A nicer car, free water and a friendly driver and all that for a cheaper price.

MOOC’s still have a long way to go before convincing the world they’re God’s gift to education. Right now, MOOC’s still cost a lot of money and haven’t showed the return on investment for higher education and research facilities. But they are causing a rethinking and perhaps later on a restructuring of our universities. What MOOC’s need to focus on, is what Uber already accomplished: what is the core business of education and research and how can we improve it?

Just because MOOC’s can offer courses for anyone around the world, doesn’t guarantee quality, efficiency, career opportunities or better research results. But understanding what’s important in education and turning it upside down to improve it, is exactly what could make it sparkle. Just like Uber did.

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