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23 december 2015 | “The modernization of America’s industrial sector and the digital integration of its production plants and equipment are proceeding at a rapid pace.” So the 2016 Hannover Messe with the USA as partner country will be huge and inspiring. Be there at our ‘Wissenstag’ 25th of April as well!

Peter Wittig, German ambassador to the United States, calls this fact “of exceptional importance to the development of our transatlantic trade relations. Having the USA as the featured Partner Country will give us a golden opportunity to convey our dynamic business relations to the fullest while at the same time widening and deepening them.”

As the Netherlands in 2014 and India in 2015, the USA will feature as the focus of the Messe, the worlds premier – and largest –  gathering of hightech, smart industry and R&D. However, this not all. It may be hard to believe, but the USA is making its debut as the Partner Country at the world’s largest industrial technology event.

Education and training in focus

For the Messe this will further enhance the attractiveness of the next year’s event. “President Obama has committed himself to strengthening America’s domestic industry. The modernization of America’s industrial sector and the digital integration of its production plants and equipment are proceeding there at a rapid pace,” analyses Dr. Jochen Köckler of the managing board at Deutsche Messe. “The goal of the U.S. government is to regain its status as one of the world’s leading production locations, which predestines the United States as next Partner Country in Hannnover.”

At the Messe the USA will present itself as a producer of high-quality goods and as an attractive target for investment. As President Obama has emphasized many times, the USA welcomes foreign investors. This is mirrored in various infrastructure programs and educational programs that are now under way. Energy efficiency, state-of-the-art production facilities, smart technologies – these will be key elements of the Partner Country USA presentation next April.

In addition, the focus will be on education and training and transatlantic partnerships, the Messe stresses. Part of that strong element will be ScienceGuide’sWissenstag’ together with the American STEM Education Coalition and its Dutch counterpart PBT. Outstanding speakers and debates with scientists, entrepreneurs and policymakers will make this a new introduction tot he Messe as the meeting place for these three key-groups in ‘the triple helix’ of innovation and knowledge development.

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