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29 januari 2016 | The USA is preparing its HE and R&D for a massive presence and input into “ the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology”, the Hannover Messe. As President Obama will be the first US leader in history to open this leading global event of knowledge and innovation, much is at stake.

The USA as the Hannover 2016 Partner Country “means more exposure and opportunity for U.S. firms participating as exhibitors in the U.S. Research and Technology Pavilion,” the Obama administration emphasizes. It explicitly invites al lto come to Hannover and “join President Obama and the global industrial tech community at HANNOVER MESSE to connect to promising opportunities for your institution!”

Driving growth

The motto for this is clear: “Research Innovations and New Technologies are Driving Global Growth.” Therefore “billions of dollars in new global demand means opportunities for U.S. research and technology organizations and institutions of all sizes.” Keydata are these:

-Private-sector U.S. business R&D in 2013 was worth $323 billion, a 6.7 percent increase from 2012.

-U.S manufacturing R&D represented 82.1 percent of the total, worth $221.5 billion.

-Companies with less than 500 employees account for nearly half of all U.S. R&D.

“President Obama will be the first sitting U.S. President to ever participate in the Messe, demonstrating what a unique opportunity Partner Country creates for this event. It attracts more research and technology visitors than any other trade show of its kind, and USA Partner Country status means more exposure than ever for showcasing your organization’s innovations.”

All cutting edge tech and R&D

Important aspects for US companies and knowledge institutions are:

-Connect directly to more than 200,000 attendees from over 70 countries.

-Network with more than 100 business and student delegations that come to the event looking for partners and the latest industry solutions.

-Take advantage of support from the U.S. Commercial Service and SelectUSA, including personalized, 1-on-1 counseling tailored to your needs.

-Connect across key industry sectors as well as cross-disciplinary applied research topics, such as bionics, nanotechnology, adaptronics, life sciences and others.

-Co-exhibit in a smaller and targeted space with multi-disciplinary institutions from the public and private sector showcasing the latest technologies and programs.

-Showcase your organization as part of official daily student tours to maximize exposure for U.S. exhibitors.

-Participate in major networking and tech transfer events at the Research and Technology Pavilion.

A special Pavilion

The focus here is very strong. The Obama administration has decided to add to the Messe an explicit center on R&D. The United States will host a pavilion dedicated exclusively to research and technology institutions and solutions. It mentions thes points as “Key Sectors in the Research and Technology Pavilion:

-Sector-Specific Applied Research, e.g. : Energy/Environment, Automation, Mobility (Road & Railroad Travel, the Aerospace Industry)

-Cross-Disciplinary Applied Research: Bionics, Adaptronics, Optical Technologies, Organic Semiconductors, and New Materials

-Services for R&T: Financing, Patents, Standardizations, Marketing, Design, Information/Publications, Networks/Partnerships

-Technology and Know-How Transfer: Technology Push (“Solution seeks Problem”) and Market Pull (“Problem seeks Solution”)

-Innovation Trends in Basic Scientific Research

-Marketing of Technologies, Research Locations, and Institutions.

Come to the Day of Knowledge

On Monday the 25th of April, immediately after the official start of the Messe, ScienceGuide will organize the ‘Wissenstag’, the first seminar and meeting on science, tech, HE and innovation. We will be joined by the American STEM Education Coalition and its Dutch counterpart PBT, as well as a host of its EU-colleagues, as the Netherlands is presiding over the EU at present.

Join us in this meeting and our debates and input. For more info contact our editor in chief PG Kroeger


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