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17 mei 2016 | How could Europe stay at the front of the scientific revolutions in the nanosphere? An action programme by thousands of scientists and experts brings a common strategy. “Developing Europe’s capabilities in quantum technologies will create a lucrative knowledge-based industry, leading to long-term economic, scientific and societal benefits.”

Their manifesto is officially released today at the Quantum Europe Conference that The Netherlands is organizing in Amsterdam in cooperation with the European Commission and the QuTech center in Delft. The Quantum Manifesto calls upon Member States and the European Commission to launch a €1 billion Flagship-scale Initiative in Quantum Technology, preparing for a start in 2018 within the European H2020 research and innovation framework programme.

Minister Kamp, hosting the conference in the context of the Dutch EU Presidency, stresses that “Europe is determined to play a leading role in the development of Quantum technology. It can provide a radical increase of capacity and precision in the fields of communication, computing, sensing and simulation. Therefore, quantum technology has the potential to transform global industries and markets, which will lead to prosperity and sustainable growth for Europe.”

Working with National Icon

Together with public and private partners like Microsoft and Intel, the Dutch government invests over €250 million the next ten years in the development of quantum computers and quantum internet via its National Icon QuTech. Also leading industry representatives from European companies like Airbus, ASML, Alcatel Lucent, IBM and Toshiba have indicated to proceed with the development of quantum technology.

EU-Commissioner Oettinger embraces the proposals from the experts and scientists who seek to work together closely to keep Europa ahead in this field. “Building on the strong support of the Quantum Manifesto, we aim to launch an ambitious large-scale flagship initiative to unlock the full potential of quantum technologies, accelerate its development and bring commercial products to the consumer marketplace. Europe wants to be leading in the global race of the development of quantum technology and we foster its take-up by industries. No single country can make it on its own, cooperation is essential to succeed.”

Seed capabilities

The initiators and their many thousands of supporters have stated in their manifesto that theu now call “upon Member States and the European Commission to launch a €1 billion flagship-scale initiative in Quantum Technology. It is endorsed by a broad community of industries, research institutes and scientists in Europe.”

“This initiative aims to place Europe at the forefront of the second quantum revolution now unfolding worldwide, bringing transformative advances to science, industry and society. It will create new commercial opportunities addressing global challenges, provide strategic capabilities for security and seed as yet unimagined capabilities for the future. As is now happening around the world, developing Europe’s capabilities in quantum technologies will create a lucrative knowledge-based industry, leading to long-term economic, scientific and societal benefits. It will result in a more sustainable, more productive, more entrepreneurial and more secure European Union.”

These are the key goals of this initiative:

-Kick-start a competitive European quantum industry to position Europe as a leader in the future global industrial landscape.

-Expand European scientific leadership and excellence in quantum research.

-Make Europe a dynamic and attractive region for innovative business and investments in quantum technologies.

-Benefit from advances in quantum technologies to provide better solutions to grand challenges in such fields as energy, health, security and the environment.

To reach this the following key activities are suggested by the Manifesto

1. Support growth in scientific activities linked to quantum technologies.

2. Create a favourable ecosystem of innovation and business creation for quantum technologies.

3. Facilitate a new level of coordination between academia and industry to move advances in quantum technologies from the laboratory to industry.

4. Create a new generation of quantum technology professionals in Europe through focused education at the intersection of science, engineering and business, and by strengthening public awareness of key ideas and capabilities.

5. Coordinate public investments and strategies in quantum technologies at the European level.

6.Promote the involvement of member regions that do not currently have a strong quantum technologies research programme.

You can find the full Manifesto here: http://qurope.eu/system/files/u7/93056_Quantum%20Manifesto_WEB.pdf


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