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30 juni 2016 | STEM Education and computer science will get a big boost, when Hillary Clinton is elected president of the United States. “All public school students in America will have access to rigorous computer science education by the time they graduate within five years.”

Today, Hillary Clinton presented her Tech & Innovation Agenda, building on the efforts of Barack Obama to boost economic growth through stimulating science and education in the field technology, engineering and mathematics. “Hillary Clinton’s priority is to harness the power of technology and innovation so that it works for all Americans, creating good-paying jobs throughout the country,” her team writes.

Inclusive digital economy

The agenda consists of five parts: “First, her plan will leverage technology to create good-paying jobs on Main Street—through new commitments in computer science and STEM education, support for entrepreneurial ecosystems, and other policies to build the human capital pipeline. Second, her plan will deliver high-speed broadband to all Americans, hook up public places like airports and stations—and enable them to offer free WiFi—and lay the groundwork for the next generation of the mobile internet and the Internet of Things. “

“Third, her agenda will ensure America remains the global leader in technology, by promoting more high-tech exports and ensuring the free flow of data. Fourth, her plan will establish rules of the road to support innovation—rules that foster healthy competition, reduce barriers to entry, and effectively protect intellectual property—while safeguarding privacy and security. Fifth, her plan will make our government smarter, more efficient, and more responsive, using new technologies to deliver real results for the American people.”

To achieve these goals, according to Hillary’s agenda, the US needs “to educate our people and train our workforce; support entrepreneurship and promote inclusion in the digital economy; attract and retain talented people from all over the world; and invest in research and development.”

Hillary Clinton’s Tech & Innovation Agenda can be read here

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