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14 februari 2017 | How is the Erasmus+ programme perceived by universities in Europe? The programme for internationalisation of higher education is currently undergoing its mid-term review and the European University Association (EUA) is giving some recommendations.

The EUA, representing 33 national rectors’ conferences and 800 individual universities in 47 European countries, writes that Erasmus+ is “of high importance for the European higher education community, as it contributes to enhancing its quality and international recognition.” The programme has been a success, but this does not mean enhancements can be made.

In it member consultation several recommendations are being made to improve the programme. According to the EUA in the current programme “the combination of bureaucratic burden and low success rates increases the risk that despite the relatively high partcipation numbers, parts of the sector may disengage and orientate themselves elsewhere.”

To overcome these problems, the EUA has formulated ten recommendations:

  1. Continue to simplify rules, requirements and processes for application, management and reporting, in order to decrease the administrative burden
  2. Enhance paper-free and online processes and tools, data compatibility and userfriendliness
  3. Improve funding and funding efficiency
  4. Increase the number of grants under some of the actions in order to achieve reasonable success rates
  5. Maintain and further enhance the European dimension of all actions, as this is the key added value of the programme
  6. Improve attractiveness and accessibility of the programme for institutions from all over Europe
  7. Foster more equity in Key Action 1 – Student Mobility
  8. Increase flexibility to respond to emerging challenges, such as support for refugee students and staff
  9. Better support dissemination and sharing of outcomes
  10. Increase collaboration with the higher education community and the National Agencies on these improvements

According to the EUA the recommendations “focus on enhancing the quality of outcomes, but also on ensuring the engagement and the satisfacton of all stakeholders, within and outside of higher educaton. In addition, they aim at enhancing the programme’s ability to function in and respond to a changing European and global framework, which will be of utmost importance for its relevance.”

The full report can be read here

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