ScienceGuide EU - April Newsletter
Negotiating a meagre research budget
According to confidential figures, it will be 2017 before the research-budget of the EU and Horizon 2020 will return to current levels. “Very unambitious”, says EP Budget negotiator Anne Jensen. The budget for ‘promoting active European citizenship’ is ironically cut too in this ‘Year of the Citizen.’

The glocalized Russian University
Russia’s fifteen leading universities must become ‘world-class’ before 2020. During a visit to the Netherlands, Ural Federal University rector Victor Koksharov said: “But regions in Russia are a lot bigger than in other countries, you have to become excellent on a regional scale first.”

Bumpy start for Pan European MOOCs
The EU starts its own MOOC initiative with a special feature: courses are taught in 12 languages. Although the launch event had technical hiccups, the ambition runs high. “Doubling the number of courses and nine new partners in 2014.”

British charm offensive in Brazil
There is great demand for Brazilian talent in the US and Europe, luckily Brazil aims to send more than 100.000 students abroad in the coming years. Great Britain sends two ministers to the Latin American powerhouse to persuade students personally to choose for Oxford or Cambridge.

High stakes in big data economy
The EU’s new regulation on data protection is so powerfully lobbied by companies like Facebook and Ebay that academics from computer science, law and business administration take up the gauntlet. Their aim: European rules must not be watered down.

Reputation boost for vocational education
European Parliament Member Katarína Neved’alová thinks that good vocational education should be one of Europe’s top priorities in order to reduce the massive youth unemployment. “Parents should not push their children so much to go to university. If you love cars, become a mechanic.”

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