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4 juni 2012 | Germany joins the competition for English students that flee from tuition fee hikes. A major news platform reports that German universities are increasingly targeting English students. “Right now, the Netherlands is still market leader…, but for how long?,” der Spiegel asks.

Nowadays, universities all over Europe throw curious looksacross the Channel. In England, a majority of HE institutes is set to triple their tuition fees for the upcomingacademic year. Recent numbers by UCAS showed that home applicationsto English universities decreased by 10%. Will these highereducation exiles find sanctuary in continental Europe instead?

British media already picked up on this and quickly declared that “Holland is a dream” whereeducation quality is still worth every penny. In particular Maastricht University hopes to lure Brits withits comprehensive English language programs.

Netherlands market leader, but for howlong?

By now, this news has also reached Germany. According to a report by “der Spiegel” universities thereincreasingly target Brits. Their message is clear: in 14 out of the16 Bundesländer higher education is completely free. Only Bavariaand Lower Saxony ask for a contribution of €500 per semester.

“Right now, the Netherlands is still market leader in terms ofEnglish Master courses offered, but for how long? Germanyuniversities already offer around 650 courses in English rangingfrom Design to Economics to Forestry,” der Spiegel writes.

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