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  • Juist oudere docent digitaal actief

    - Oudere docenten zetten veel vaker online middelen in bij hun lessen dan jongere. Een onderzoek van Teachtoday komt met een opmerkelijke ontmythologisering rond het gebruik van digitale leermiddelen door leraren.

    "Teachers aged 46-55 years old are most frequent internet users, while teachers under 25 years old are least frequent users." In een survey door  'the industry-led website Teachtoday' blijkt "that younger teachers are less frequent internet users because they mostly work with pre-school and primary school groups and do not feel the need to use new digital technologies for their work."

    "Less computer equipment is often available and less emphasis is placed on new technologies in the curriculum of the schools in many countries. Nevertheless, 72% of respondents use the internet every day, regardless of their location or type of connection."

    "Another highlight in the findings is that 96% of responding teachers use a digital tool in class: 24% of teachers use interactive white boards, 22% virtual learning platforms and 19% services such as Google Maps and Skype during the lesson, or run a class/school blog."

    "In addition, teachers surveyed believe that children's online safety is a responsibility that they need to assume: almost 95% of teachers consider that educating students about the safe and responsible use of technology is part of their responsibility, while less than 5% partially disagree or do not agree at all with this statement. However, in one in three schools online safety is not a priority. Identity theft rated highest amongst teachers' concerns (top concern for 63%), not surprisingly followed by their fear of pupils taking photos in class and disseminating them online (46%)."

    U vindt meer op www.teachtoday.eu