World Bank sponsors Peruvian accreditation

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6 december 2012 | More than one million students will benefit from a $ 25 million loan by the World Bank. This investment will support 250 HE-institutes with their accreditation process and start a monitoring program to guide future education reforms.

The program, called ‘Procalidad’ (Pro-Quality) “arrives at an important juncture, as it will have a bearing on university, institute and higher education school improvements through accreditation,” said Patricia Salas, Peru’s Minister of Education.

Investing in advanced human capital

Peru’s economy has grown a great deal in recent years, with an annual growth rate above 5 percent, faster than its surrounding countries. Peru wants this project to contribute to medium-term sustainability by providing an educational platform for developing competitiveness.

Because of this, “we need to balance access and quality to sustain growth, stop the replication of inequality within the system, and furnish the advanced human capital that the country is going to need in the next few decades,” said Susan Goldmark, World Bank Regional Director for Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

Next to the important support for Peruvian universities in their accreditation it will also stimulate universities to obtain multimedia equipment and modern software. The educational quality improvement plan includes extensive training for teachers and administrative staff, both via short-term training and by stimulating exchange experiences. The last important contribution of the plan is helping to modernize curricula and update study plans. 

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