On the Agenda – Week 18, 2014

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9 mei 2014 | It’s the final day of Teacher Appreciation Week, what teachers inspired educators around the globe? Also in this week’s ‘on the agenda’: How sprawling megacities might just save the world and silent breaks make groups discussions more effective.

Take 1 – Teacher Appreciation Week

@EdWeekTeacher: When Teacher Appreciation Week Gets Political

@MsMagiera: Final Day of Teacher Appreciation Week: Educators Who Inspire Educators

@ConorPWilliams writes wonkiest teacher appreciation ever

Take 2 – Urbanization

@Foreignpolicy: 10 Million Sardines in a Sea of Skyscrapers: How sprawling megacities might just save the world.

@OttoRaspe: Chinese Cities’ Four Modernizations

@WorldBank: How better urbanization leads to higher-quality growth for all people

Take 3 – Research

@RSMErasmus: Silent break makes group discussions more effective

@CERN: The @CMSexperiment will scan the unknown when the LHC restarts in 2015 with 13 TeV collision

@MIT: An initiative to harvest fresh water from fog in bone-dry Chile

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