Onderwijs geen ‘overnight product’

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25 november 2008 | Rector Heidi Wunderli-Allenspach van de ETH, de hoogst gerankte TU van Europa, waarschuwt voor kortademig HO-beleid in de recessie. 'Wunderli warned against cutting educational resources despite the financial crisis. The government must in future stand by its responsibility to administer the domain’s strategic tasks and work towards assured financing.'

In the face of the present financial concerns plaguing all sectors of society, Rector Wunderli-Allenspach iterated that efforts to ensure a high-quality university education must not lessen. “Education is not an overnight product,” she said and continued, “Shortsightedness in education would be ruinous.” She called on those in government responsible for education to keep this in mind when taking decisions in the future that relate to the university and, above all, its budget.

ETH Zurich has a long tradition of internationalization, especially in research. The Rector said that with the implementation of the Masters level of study, where courses are predominantly taught in English, ETH Zurich and industry could profit from an intensified international orientation. The narrow interpreta-tion of present immigration law is a concern for ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich. Bureaucratic hurdles often stand in the way of Masters and exchange students from foreign countries who want to study at ETH Zurich; the hurdles are not in support of efforts to promote student mobility. The Rector encouraged cantonal offices to assume a more relaxed interpretation of immigration law.

Reviewing the past academic year the Rector expressed satisfaction with the positive development of the growth of the student body. More than 2500 new students began study at ETH Zurich in the autumn. Bachelor student figures saw a rise of seven percent. The Rector was particularly pleased with a trend towards increased interest in engineering studies that was, she said, the result of the collaborative efforts of Swiss universities, politics and industry to make an engineering career more attractive to young students.

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