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14 september 2009 | Stenden-lector Omar Moufakkir gaat adviseren bij de opzet van de tv serie First Ladies of the World. Hij doet dat voor de TravelTalkMedia Group.

“The development of Our First Ladies of the Worldprogramming will be taking us to emerging and developing countrieswhere many of the societies have come out of wars in the past fewyears”, said Sandy Dhuyvetter, founder of Celestialink andexecutive producer of the TravelTalkMEDIA Group. “Dr. Moufakkir’swisdom and knowledge of tourism and peace will help support thedevelopment of our programming with a harmonic and balancedmessage”.

The new First Ladies of the World TV series which will bedistributed worldwide was designed to attract mass interest andespecially women. “Women are the prime movers in world Travel,driving 70 percent of all leisure travel spending and 80 percent ofcorporate travel bookings in America. The trends point to womencontinuing to be a major factor in driving economic growth oftravel”, said Patrick Peartree, Director of TravelTalkMEDIA.”Ultimately, travel is one of the most important keys to creatingeconomic wealth in communities which is the foundation ofcontentment which leads to a peaceful existence.

Dr. Moufakkir began his work with Sandy Dhuyvetter when they metin The Hague while both were working with the Tourism4Peace Forumin 2006. The forum brings top hospitality and tourism managers fromEgypt, Israel, Jordan, and Palestine to discuss pragmaticstrategies on how tourism can help overcome the existing obstaclesand contribute to peace in the region. Dr. Moufakkir is currentlyworking with Sandy on the Africa Peace Caravan message asTravelTalkMEDIA created and maintains the online presence for theorganization.

Dr. Moufakkir stated from his office in Leeuwarden Holland, “I amvery honored to act as the International Advisor to Travel TalkMedia. Sandy’s work is impressive, her networks’portfolio immense, messages trustworthy, and above all herdedication to bridging cultural and economic gaps is REAL. I metSandy first in Uganda, then in Israel and the Netherlands. I workedwith Sandy on several projects including the Tourism4Peace Forum.Her contribution to the First European conference on Peace andTourism at Stenden University was instrumental to the success ofthis initiative. Working with Sandy is serious fun”.

Ms. Dhuyvetter serves on the advisory board at StendenUniversity on the Media and Entertainment department and recentlyaccepted an invitation to be on the editorial board for The Journalof Tourism and Peace Research at Stenden University, headed up byDr. Moufakkir.

Omar Moufakkir is lector Tourism and Peace at Stenden Universityand founder of the International Centre for Peace through TourismResearch at Stenden. Read here his essay Controversies in Tourism.

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