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27 september 2011 | The Dutch do not really travel much during their HE studies. Are German students mobility champions? Far from it! More than 2/3 of them study in the area where they attended high school. And research shows that students living with their parents are healthier – because they have no other option.....

Finish high school, work and travel in Australia, move far awayfrom your parents to study to live the great freedom and make thefriends of a lifetime. This is commonly seen as the mantra amongGerman students.

But reality looks quite different. While especially womenstudying arts, veterinary medicine or nutrition sciences show highrates of mobility, it is male engineers that top off the stay homeranking. More than 2/3 of all German students stay in the sameregion they went to school in. Some federal states like Bavaria(79,4%) have especially high stay-home rates.

Hotel Mama is healthier

Is this unwise? Maybe not. Research by Usem, a French healthinsurer, shows that this might in fact be a smart strategy.Particularly students that continue living with their parents afterhigh school tend to have a healthier lifestyle. Hotel Mama provesto be a health spa.

Usem inquired with 8.500 students how much alcohol, cigarettesand other drugs they consume. Data indicated that 1 out of 3students sharing a flat with peers would consume extraordinaryamounts of alcohol. An individual consumes extraordinary amounts ofalcohol if he/she drinks at least three glasses of beer/wine twicea week or more than seven glasses per month.

Among students living with their parents, only 1 out of 6students admitted to drinking at such levels. If a headache andother symptoms of becoming sick set in, 2/3 of these stay homerswould go straight to the doctor. For students living in sharedflats this is only the case for 50% of the people.

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