On the agenda – Week 27, 2012

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6 juli 2012 | What is the impact of university mergers, female board member quotas and salary curbs? Scotland dares the experiment. Furthermore, in this week’s “On the agenda”: both Romney and Obama pledge to make overseas students’ lives easier and CERN explains what the news on the god particle experiments mean.

What is on the agenda for higher education stakeholders all overthe world? Every week ScienceGuide presents you with a selection ofthe most important topics and items trending in social media.

Take 1 – Policy

@The Scotsman: University mergers, principalsalary curbs, female board member quotas – Scottish Government toradically shake-up the country’s universities and colleges.

@Julie Harris: Using data to build bettereducation systems: Andreas Schleicher at TEDGlobal 2012.

@OBHE: Funding cuts divide Europe’s universities.

Take 2 – Students

@CIHE: Upcoming US presidential elections: awin-win for overseas students?

@Nature: Publishing in foreign languages.

@OECDEducation: UK cuts on ‘Mickey Mouse’ courses to increase HEquality in funding overhaul.

Take 3 – R&D

@CERN:CERN experiments observe particle consistent with long-sought Higgsboson. What does the news tell us?

@INSEAD: Switzerland, Sweden Are World’s MostInnovative Countries.

@InTechWeb: Virtual science libraries to belaunched in central Asia.

…and this week on ScienceGuideEU

@ScienceGuideEU: SteLA-students aim at tacklingthe world’s largest problems.

@ScienceGuideEU: Thomson Reuters bans 51academic journals from impact factor ranking due to “anomalouscitation patterns“.

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