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24 juni 2015 | A new MOOC-platform is set to shake up education for aspiring artists. ‘Welcome to the future of creative education’, Kadenze says, offering courses ranging from arts culture in the 19th century to reïnventing the piano.

Already partnering with eightteen institutions including Stanford and Princeton, but also creative industries like Ableton and Adobe, Kadenze is planning to offer 22 courses coming soon. According to company found Perry R. Cook, the platform allows students to create online portfolios, upload music files and scanned art, watch video’s, and participate in disccusion forums, The Chronicle writes.

Not really open

To what extent Kadenze is really a MOOC-platform can be discussed, as the courses are not entirely open. Students will be able to enroll in courses and watch videos free, but they will have to pay $7 a month if they want to submit assignments and receive grades and feedback. Fees of $300, $600, or $900 will be charged for courses that are offered for credit.

Perry Cook, who founded Kadenze is an emeritus professor in computer music researcher. Together with Ajay Kapur from the California Institute of the Arts he already offered a programming course for artist on rival platform Coursera years ago. Kadenze was designed to overcome the technical and creative limits of Coursera with regard to the needs of students in the arts.

Enriching tradtional curricula

According to Cook, the primary interest for Kadenze will come from artists, performers, and those interested in going to art school. It may also be noted that traditional art schools will use the Kadenze-courses to enrich campus education. For example the Utrecht-based HKU to what extent open educational resources can be of help in their curricula. 

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