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9 september 2010 | Neelie Kroes wil slimme suggesties voor het maximaal gebruik van publieke informatie. Hiermee zijn veel innovatieve diensten en IT-services te ontwikkelen. Die markt is nu al zo’n €27 mld in Europa waard. U kunt meedoen.

Tell us what you think about the re-use of public sectorinformation (PSI). It could be any PSI – maps, meteorological,legal, traffic, financial and economic information. Re-use ofpublic data already generating amazing products – from carnavigation systems to weather forecasts and other “apps” for ourmobiles – and I’m told the market is worth €27 billion each andevery year, in the EU alone.

But the potential is much greater than we realise – if we canstructure more opportunities to re-use this data we will be helpingto create thousands of job and improvements to daily life. So – youhave until 30 November 2010, to tell us how we can better manage theavailability of this data. What you tell us will feed into thereview of the EU PSI Directive first adopted in 2003.

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