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30 oktober 2012 | Although Norway is, as always, on top of the prosperity index, there are still some surprises hidden in the data-set. Switzerland and Singapore are absent from the education top 30. However Belarus looks successful, but ‘governance’ is not best assured in Europe’s last dictatorship.

The Data Set, puts Norway on top in The 2012 Legatum Prosperity Index, looking among others at economic prosperity, social capital, health and safety. Ranking 6th and highest European country on education, enables Norway to maintain its top position for the fourth time in row.

While Switzerland ranks first in the economy sub-category, it lags behind in education with a 33th place. Number 1 in health and 11 overall, Luxembourg even ranks lower on the 44th place in education.

Here you find the Education Ranking from the Legatum Prosperity Index 2012

1 New Zealand

2 Australia

3 Canada

4 Taiwan

5 United States

6 Norway

7 South Korea

8 Finland

9 Slovenia

10 Spain

11 Netherlands

12 Sweden

13 Iceland

14 Ireland

15 Germany

16 Denmark

17 Belgium

18 Lithuania

19 France

20 Hungary

21 Belarus

22 Czech Republic

23 Japan

24 Austria

25 Cyprus

26 Slovakia

27 Russia

28 Latvia

29 Ukraine

30 United Kingdom

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